In un triste inizio del 2022, l’icona della commedia e della recitazione Bob Saget è morto il 9 gennaio all’età di 65 anni. autorità, secondo TMZ. Come rivelato a febbraio dalla famiglia dell’allume “Full House”, Saget è morto inaspettatamente per un trauma cranico dopo aver colpito “la parte posteriore della testa su qualcosa” e essersi addormentato, per Persone.

Kelly Rizzo pens hopeful Christmas message about Bob Saget

In a Christmas Eve Instagram post, Kelly Rizzo encouraged followers to treasure their memories of loved ones. "Cherish every single moment," the lifestyle blogger wrote alongside a photo carousel of her and late husband Bob Saget in Chicago for Christmas 2021. "I certainly didn't think that our first Christmas together (in the same city) last year would be our last," Rizzo mused, adding that it was the first Christmas Saget spent with her family in her native city. "Alex still remembers 'Uncle Bob' and talks about him every single day. He certainly left a lasting impression," Rizzo wrote about her niece. 

In a heartwarming addendum, Rizzo told her followers, "I pray that if you're missing a loved one this holiday season, that you're blessed with many deep and loving memories and gratitude that will help carry you through." For her, Rizzo wrote that "there's no greater Christmas present" than the time she did get to spend with Saget.

In a more sobering remembrance of Saget, Rizzo described in another lengthy post in October the nine months since his death. "It feels like forever and also one day all at the same time," she wrote alongside a reel of her and Saget doing a couples' challenge. Although her "pain and grief ebbs and flows," Rizzo noted that the constant was that "every day there is a palpable hole where he used to be." Here's wishing Saget's family a healing 2023. 


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