La cantante Kelly Rowland è diventata famosa come membro dell’iconico gruppo femminile Destiny’s Child e ha continuato a godere di una carriera sulla scena dell’intrattenimento come artista solista e giudice di concorsi di talenti, tra le altre attività. Mentre la hitmaker di “Like This” rimane una star di alto profilo per tutto quanto sopra, nel novembre 2022, ha fatto notizia per qualcos’altro.

Per BBC, Rowland was quick to tell the audience to "chill out" and continued with, "I wanted to tell Chris, thank you so much for making great R&B music and I want to tell him thank you for being an incredible performer." Rowland's response was also met with a mixed reaction, and she has since spoken publicly about her decision to defend Brown.

Kelly Rowland believes Chris Brown deserves grace and forgiveness

Kelly Rowland's speech at the American Music Awards in support of Chris Brown certainly got people talking. While Brown has a lot of supporters, there are also people who are not in his favor due to his rocky past. "Kelly Rowland is a clown for defending Chris Brown when he wouldn't even let dark skinned women that look like her in his section @ the club," one user tweeted. "Kelly Rowland asking the crowd not to boo Chris Brown is very weird behavior," another person wrote.

Following the backlash, the "Say My Name" singer spoke to TMZ about why she supports Brown and believes others should forgive him. "I believe that grace is very real, and we all need a dose of it. And before we point fingers at anybody, we should realize how grateful we are, for every moment that we get," she told the outlet. Rowland continued, "We all need to be forgiven for anything we could be doing, anything that we're thinking. We all come up short in some sort of way." 

As of this writing, Brown has yet to publicly respond to acknowledge Rowland coming to his defense.


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