È stata una lunga strada per Kristin Cavallari dopo la separazione dal suo ex marito Jay Cutler. Secondo Glamour, la coppia si è sposata nel 2013. La coppia è stata introdotta da un altro nome famoso in Giuliana Rancic, per Us Weekly. Durante il loro matrimonio, la coppia ha accolto tre figli insieme e i fan hanno potuto vedere scorci della vita della coppia insieme nel reality show “Very Cavallari”. Tuttavia, la storia d’amore tra Cavallari e Cutler non durò. Secondo Us Weekly, l’ex allume di “Laguna Beach” ha accusato Cutler di “condotta coniugale inappropriata” nel 2020.

Since the split, Cavallari has talked about her ex on several occasions. In 2021, the star chatted with Kaitlyn Bristowe on her "Off The Vine" podcast (via People), sharing that she ultimately felt vindicated in walking away from the relationship. "There's been times over the last 18 months where I'm like, 'Is this the right decision?'" she said in 2021. "Jay [and] I actually went on a couple of dates like months and months and months ago. But we did! But then I was like ... It's not there for me anymore." In addition, she told Bristowe that her relationship with Cutler was "such a roller coaster." She continued, stating that she "just decided I didn't want to be in a toxic relationship anymore," which is why she opted to split.

Now, the star is sharing a little glimpse of her life post-split from Cutler and what she can finally do more of.

Kristin Cavallari has been spending a lot of time with friends and her kids

Kristin Cavallari is speaking about life after her divorce from former NFL star Jay Cutler. Speaking to Page Six, Cavallari revealed that her divorce allowed her more time for herself and all that it entails, including time with her kiddos. "It's sort of, like, forced this perfect balance on me because I only have my kids half of the time now," she confessed to the outlet. Cavallari added that during weeks when she has her three kiddos in her care, she's fully in mom-mode and allows herself to work when she can find the time.

In addition, Cavallari also revealed another aspect of her life that has changed. "Before my divorce, the one area of my life that really suffered was my social life and my friendships, because I was so maxed out with family and work," she shared, adding it's "nice to kind of find myself again and have some time to put myself first." The star also said she doesn't use a babysitter very often — and when she doesn't have the kids, she either works or goes out with friends. 

In fact, Cavallari keeps fans updated on her social life on Instagram and revealed she's in the midst of a project with her former flame, Stephen Colletti. The "Laguna Beach" alums will chat on the "Back to the Beach" podcast, she noted on May 2. Sadly, she's shot down dating rumors about Colletti.


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