Todd e Julie Chrisley hanno la custodia della figlia del figlio Kyle Chrisley, Chloe, per Us Weekly. Secondo quanto riferito, Kyle ha perso la custodia di Chloe nel 2014 dopo essere stato arrestato e accusato di aggressione. Dopo aver perso la custodia, Kyle ha rilasciato una dichiarazione controversa su suo padre, dicendo al Daily Mail: “Mio padre non ha mostrato alcun interesse per Chloe fino allo spettacolo e fino a quando non è stato sottolineato che avere un figlio di razza mista e averla e tutto ciò che sarebbe essere buono per la sua fascia demografica”.

The Chrisley family seemed to be taking over the internet by airing out their dirty laundry in interviews and on social media. Todd told E! News in 2014, "Kyle is bipolar and normally, people that are bipolar, they seek out a way to self-medicate, which is what Kyle has done since he's been young. I want what's best for him." In terms of Kyle's allegations regarding Chloe being good for "Chrisley Knows Best" demographics, Todd told E!, "That is not true. That is probably the most hurtful thing in the article."

The family, however, seemed to end their feud after reuniting in 2020, according to the U.S. Sun. Kyle was reportedly visiting more often and spending one-on-one time with his daughter. Fast forward to 2022, and Kyle shared an update on his Instagram with Chloe.

Kyle Chrisley paid tribute to his daughter on her birthday

In November 2022, Kyle Chrisley took to Instagram to post a heartfelt note to his daughter Chloe on her 10th birthday. The former reality star captioned a selfie of him with his daughter, "Happy Birthday Chloe! I can't believe how fast these 10 years have flown. You're turning into such an amazing little lady and you're so beautiful." He added, "Gosh how I wish things were different. I would give you the world if I could.. I hope you've had a great day today and I love you so much, always!" Todd backed his eldest son's message to Chloe, liking the birthday post. Chloe's grandmother, Julie Chrisley, also posted for her birthday on Instagram, but subtly shut off the post's comments.

Fans are respectfully showing their support for Kyle in his Instagram post's comment section. One wrote, "You have given her the world; you stepped aside when you needed to and gave her to those who could raise her. You made the ultimate sacrifice for the betterment of her life." Another fan commented, "You gave her the best thing you could ever give her Kyle and that's stability. The stability of your parents. I commend you for that!! God bless you." 

It's unclear where Kyle's relationship currently stands with his family, but they appear to be in a good place.


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