Quando uno dei Kardashian-Jenner è nei guai, anche il resto della loro famiglia è messo sotto l’occhio vigile del pubblico. Anche se Kim Kardashian è quella che fa affari con l’ormai caduto in disgrazia marchio di moda Balenciaga, la sorella Kylie Jenner sta rispondendo alle speculazioni online sul suo coinvolgimento. La controversia è iniziata quando Balenciaga ha pubblicato una campagna in cui i bambini posavano con le borse a forma di orsacchiotto “BDSM” del marchio e includeva documenti di un caso della Corte Suprema sulle leggi sui materiali per abusi sessuali su minori, secondo il New York Times.

Now one online conspiracy theory has pulled the Kylie Cosmetics owner into the Balenciaga mess.

Kylie Jenner shuts down TikTok rumor about 'covering up for Balenciaga'

After posting photos giving a rare glimpse of her son, Wolf, Kylie Jenner was accused of attempting to pull attention away from her sister's Balenciaga scandal. On November 28, Jenner uploaded an Instagram carousel of "highlights" in her life, with the fourth and eighth photos being of her and Wolf with his face hidden from the camera. Since she posted this just one day after Kim Kardashian's response to the Balenciaga drama, a TikTok user released a video theorizing that momager Kris Jenner "[told] her kids to release the good photos" in order to distract from the controversy. Surprisingly, Kylie actually clapped back in the video's comments.

"Uh, whyyyyy would I post my child to cover up for Balenciaga?" Kylie wrote. "This is why I don't do this. Always something to say."

In response, the TikTok's creator replied, "I definitely understand that would be frustrating, most of us just want more raw honesty from your family tho instead of silence like with Astroworld." Oof. While many bought into the TikTok conspiracy, one user defended the reality family. "Why are u holding them responsible for 2 things they didn't do?" the user wrote, referencing the Balenciaga scandal and the Astroworld tragedy. According to CNN, the fashion brand filed a lawsuit blaming the production company that allegedly set up the controversial photoshoot for $25 million.


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