Tre mesi dopo la sua improvvisa scomparsa, la causa della morte di Leslie Jordan è stata finalmente rivelata.

Il comico il 24 ottobre 2022, all’età di 67 anni. All’epoca, è stato riferito che si è schiantato con la sua auto contro un edificio da qualche parte a Los Angeles mentre si stava recando sul set dello spettacolo “Call Me Kat, ” per Il Los Angeles Times. Le autorità non sono state in grado di identificare subito la causa della sua morte, ma si sospettava che avesse subito un arresto cardiaco.

Leslie Jordan died due to a 'sudden cardiac dysfunction'

The Los Angeles coroner confirmed that Leslie Jordan's death was because of a "sudden cardiac dysfunction" and "arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease," per CBS News. According to Cleveland Clinic, sudden cardiac arrest occurs when the electrical mechanisms of the heart go haywire, resulting in the organ being unable to pump blood properly. It's what caused Jordan to lose control of the vehicle and crash into a building.

Jordan was best known for his role as Beverly Leslie on "Will and Grace," for which he earned an Emmy. After his death, his agent, David Shaul, noted his impact on the entertainment industry. "The world is definitely a much darker place today without the love and light of Leslie Jordan," Shaul shared, as reported by NBC News. "Not only was he a mega talent and joy to work with, but he provided an emotional sanctuary to the nation at one of its most difficult times."

His "Call Me Kat" co-star Mayim Bialik also shared a heartwarming tribute for Jordan. "He was a Southern gentleman; tender, wise, naughty and hilarious," she wrote in a text post on Instagram. "We got to know and love him at the height of his happiness and joy and it is inconceivable to imagine a world without our Leslie: the man who would spit on his contact lenses before putting them in his eyes, the man who had a story about every man in Hollywood and some of the women as well, the man who lived to make people laugh." 


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