Kim Kardashian è stata nominata l’ultima cover star di Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, e la nomina ha già suscitato contraccolpi e supporto. La pubblicazione ha fatto l’annuncio su Good Morning America, rivelando che la star di “The Kardashians” è uno dei quattro personaggi pubblici che abbelliscono le copertine di quest’anno. Si uniscono a Kardashian per la classe 2022 la cantante vincitrice di un Grammy Ciara, la musicista Yumi Nu e Maye Musk, una modella e madre di Elon Musk.

This year's collection of covers was significant for multiple reasons. Musk, the mother of tech mogul Elon Musk, is the oldest model to ever be featured on the magazine's cover. Meanwhile, Nu — who founded the plus-sized clothing brand, Blueki — is the first Asian and plus-sized cover star. For Kardashian, the move makes her the first ever reality star to appear on the coveted cover.

"Kim, no stranger to the world's judgment, continues to live proudly, authentically and unapologetically through the noise," said MJ Day, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit editor-in-chief. However, the cover has seemingly divided the internet, and opinions about the reality star's inclusion are split.

Folks have mixed emotions about Kim Kardashian's cover

Responses to Kim Kardashian's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue have been mixed. The magazine made the announcement on May 16 and has already received flak online for including the reality star in the annual issue.

"What has she done in sports? Or she just payed [sic] for the cover to show how 'good' she looks after a million surgeries and lots of photoshop," one person tweeted in response to the announcement. While another wrote, "Money can buy almost this case, the chance to be on the cover of SI even if you are not an athlete."

However, despite the barrage of anti-Kim comments, Kardashian also received a glowing amount of support from fans on social media. In response to a troll who asked what sport Kardashian played professionally, one person replied with the names of other cover stars, tweeting, "The same one that Elle MacPherson, Paulina Porzikova, Cheryl Tiegs and Christie Brinkley played." Others were quick to call out the "haters" and congratulate the SKIMS founder on the accomplishment. "Imagine serving like this in ur 40s WOW," a supporter tweeted.


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