Camila Cabello è l’ultima aggiunta al panel di allenatori presenti nella stagione in corso di “The Voice”. Si unisce agli altri allenatori Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani e John Legend (secondo Rolling Stone). La cantante “Havana” non è nota solo per la sua voce solista e il tempo trascorso nel gruppo femminile Fifth Harmony, ma è anche nota per la sua relazione romantica con Shawn Mendes. Cabello e Mendes si sono frequentati per poco più di due anni prima di annunciare la loro rottura nel novembre 2021 (tramite E! News). La coppia era nota per il loro eccessivo PDA e per pubblicare costantemente foto insieme sui social media, quindi la loro separazione è stata un po’ uno shock per alcuni.

Since Mendes and Cabello's break up, Cabello has reportedly moved on with dating app founder, Austin Kevitch, according to Entertainment Tonight, but her connection to Mendes hasn't completely disappeared. In fact, a recent audition on "The Voice" made her speak about her famous ex, and the situation was definitely awkward.

Camila Cabello isn't afraid to talk about Shawn Mendes after their break up

Camila Cabello may be the newest judge on "The Voice," but her personality and confidence are already shining through the show's blind auditions. When a contestant, Tanner Howe, decided to audition using Shawn Mendes' song, "Mercy," Cabello wasn't afraid to give her unfiltered thoughts on his performance despite her connection to the original singer. All of the judges turned their chairs around for Howe except for Cabello, who believed he sounded "a little too much" like her ex-boyfriend (via Us Weekly).

"I know [Shawn] better than everyone in this room," she said. The Cuban-American singer then encouraged Howe to distinguish his voice and style going forward in the competition. The contestant agreed and admitted that he hopes to be in Mendes' "lane" in the future, to which Cabello replied, "I was in his lane ... deeply." John Legend asked if Cabello was trying to make things "as awkward as possible," but she didn't seem bothered by the cringeworthy moment.

Fans on social media, on the other hand, couldn't stop talking about the situation. One user tweeted, "awkotaco moment on the voice with camila making those comments about Shawn, anyone else get second-hand embarrassment?" While another said, "Shawmila Stans where are you at [?] Camila was talking about Shawn on the voice." After Cabello's reaction, viewers may be hoping that contestants steer clear of covering Mendes' songs this season, but that seems unlikely.


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