È passato quasi un anno da quando Brian Laundrie è tornato da un viaggio attraverso il paese che aveva fatto con Gabby Petito, con quest’ultimo che non si vedeva da nessuna parte. Il caso, che ha catturato l’attenzione dei media e dei social media per mesi, ha lasciato sia Petito che il suo assassino, Laundrie, morti. I genitori di Petito, tuttavia, non rinunciano alla loro battaglia per la giustizia.

The Laundrie family maintains their innocence

In March, the WFLA reported on a lawsuit filed by Joseph Petito and Nichole Schmidt — Gabby Petito's parents — against Brian Laundrie's parents. According to the documents they obtained, the lawsuit alleges, "Brian Laundrie advised his parents, Christopher Laundrie and Roberta Laundrie, that he had murdered Gabrielle Petito." The filing also states that the Laundries obtained an attorney on the same day. 

According to People, the Laundries skipped the first hearing on the civil lawsuit. Although they were not legally mandated to attend, this adds to their long history of silence. In People's reporting of the filing, they also noted that Laundrie's mother had blocked the phone number and Facebook profile of Schmidt when Petito's mother was persistent in trying to find answers. 

Per ABC News, the lawsuit is seeking a minimum of $30,000 in damages from the Laundrie estate, but the parents are maintaining their innocence. In fact, NBC News reported the Laundries were hoping to get the entire case dismissed. Their defense lawyer made the argument that "as a matter of law, the Laundries' silence [conduct] could not form the basis of a claim for intentional infliction of emotional distress." Their attorney, Steven Bertolino, even went on to assert that the family "did everything the right way" and that "they have no regrets," per the Daily Mail. ABC News reported that a judge will decide the fate of the suit in the coming weeks. 

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