Coco Austin è nota per molte cose, incluso il suo matrimonio con il rapper Ice-T. Secondo Hip Hop DX, Austin e Ice-T si sono sposati nel 2002 e hanno dimostrato che il loro amore era ancora forte nel 2011 rinnovando i loro voti. La coppia parla regolarmente della loro relazione e i fan hanno avuto un’occhiata in prima persona durante il loro reality show televisivo di successo “Ice Loves Coco”. Secondo IMDb, la serie è andata avanti dal 2011 al 2013.

But with the good also comes the bad. In a post that Austin shared on her feed a few days later, several fans slammed the reality star for her parenting skills.

Some fans didn't approve of the way Coco Austin bathes her daughter

Austin caught wind of all of the negative attention surrounding what we can only refer to as "Bathgate" and linked a Page Six article in a tweet that defended her ways. "Wow just Wow! Here we go again! Giving my lil girl a bath in the sink went Viral? SMH!" she wrote, reminding fans that she's an "unconventional mother." She added, "I do what works and is easier on me. Some may want to take some pointers rather than rag on me!"

Of course, Twitter had some thoughts on Austin's comeback tweet and shared their thoughts in the comments section. This time, though, many came to her defense. "Coco, I know firsthand that you're a great person and mother. Done and done," one person wrote. Another person said that the haters "need to get a life," and if Chanel is comfortable in the sink, then so be it. Preach! 


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