L’icona dello schermo e della musica Olivia Newton-John è morta l’8 agosto all’età di 73 anni, a seguito di molteplici diagnosi di cancro al seno nell’arco di 30 anni, secondo la CNN. Il marito John Easterling ha condiviso con i follower dei social media che la star di “Grease” è morta quella mattina con la famiglia e gli amici al suo fianco nel suo ranch nel sud della California.

Well-known for this positive outlook despite her long and serious affliction, Newton-John's niece has pulled back the curtains on what her final moments were really like. 

Olivia Newton-John experienced significant pain

Totti Goldsmith, Olivia Newton-John's niece, reveals that her aunt's last moments were, sadly, painful. That was due to the waning effect of the star's cannabinoids, Goldsmith shared with Australia's 9 Now News on August 9. "It's really helped her, but later on it wasn't enough," she said. Goldsmith added that Newton-John had a compromised immune system due to the cancer, leading to numerous secondary infections. So, as Goldmith explained, the "Grease" star's death didn't surprise family members as they all were aware of her grave condition.

Although Melbourne-based Goldsmith was two oceans away, she kept tabs on her aunt through the latter's husband John Easterling and her daughter, Chloe. "I couldn't get to America in time," she revealed, so instead, Easterling connected her with Newton-John via FaceTime to say her goodbyes. Goldsmith told Newton-John "all the things" she hoped to, and felt her aunt absorbed her words.

Another longtime member of Newton-John's inner circle, actor Jane Seymour, also recently shared her insights on Newton-John's condition toward the end. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Seymour described her friend as "so loving and so present" during their last meeting — despite the latter's "terrible pain." With both sensing the end was close, Seymour praised Newton-John for only focusing on the birds, horses, and dogs outside, "blissing out on the fact that she was alive in nature." 


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