Nella sua ricerca dell’amore, Doja Cat si è accidentalmente fatta molti nemici. La cantante, che ha spesso twittato del suo amore per la star di “Stranger Things” Joseph Quinn, ha deciso di contattare uno dei suoi co-protagonisti per un aiuto nella relazione. In un TikTok ora eliminato (tramite YouTube), Noah Schnapp ha condiviso schermate di DM di Instagram da Doja. Leggono, in parte, “Noè, puoi dire a Joseph di hmu. Aspetta no. Ha una fidanzata?”

Fans initially seemed to find the entire situation hilarious, iconic, and relatable. "Doja cat is so real for this!!!" one fan tweeted. Another joked that Schnapp would make a speech at Doja and Quinn's wedding. Unfortunately, Doja quickly made it very clear that she wasn't laughing along. Fans were shocked when she went live on TikTok (via Twitter) and said, "To be fair, this is like a kid ... But the fact that this person ... like went and posted a private conversation ... is so unbelievably socially unaware and wack ... That's like borderline snake s***. That's like weasel s***."

Public beef with other celebrities can often prompt your fanbase to rally around you, but this time it seems like Doja picked the wrong target. As reactions poured in, the public seemed to overwhelmingly support Doja's wingman. 

Doja Cat has lost over 200,000 followers

While Doja Cat was thirsting after Joseph Quinn's digits, it was Noah Schnapp who ended up getting the numbers. According to UNILAD, the "Stranger Things" actor has gained nearly 1 million new Instagram followers since the drama began. The singer, meanwhile, has lost over 200,000.

If that wasn't enough, Twitter has been flooded with opinions that favor Schnapp. Some felt that Doja was placing too much weight on the interaction, writing, "doja cat acting like noah schnapp ruined a twenty year marriage between her and joseph quinn." Another felt the interaction shouldn't have happened at all: "Is Doja Cat really mad that Noah Schnapp revealed that she is interested in Joseph Quinn (which she has publicly stated btw) or is she just mad that we've found out her grown a** is DMing a 17 year old?" Still, some found a bright side. One fan wrote, "[W]aking up to see doja cats live calling out noah schnapp and knowing she's just completely ruined her chances with joseph quinn leaving him single for the rest of us to enjoy." The words were accompanied by a picture of Kim Kardashian beaming at her phone. 

The 26-year-old singer, meanwhile, is sick of the hate. "[Y]'all are so cringe and lame and nobody wants to hang w u that's why y'all be on here unironically writing replies to s*** that makes you mad," she tweeted. It's safe to say that Schnapp will not be speaking at the Cat-Quinn wedding.


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