Travis Scott si sta preparando per fare un grande ritorno dopo la devastante tragedia dell’Astroworld.

Il rapper di “Astroworld” ha lentamente tentato di tornare alla ribalta negli ultimi due mesi apparendo su una serie di palchi, anche se sporadicamente. In precedenza è stato riferito che Scott si è esibito su una serie di palchi VIP dopo il tragico incidente, ed è persino apparso a un afterparty del Coachella nonostante fosse stato escluso dalla formazione del festival. Secondo quanto riferito, Scott si è anche esibito a una festa privata a Bel-Air, a cui hanno partecipato Leonardo DiCaprio e Serena Williams, per Rolling Stone. Ma l’8 maggio, ha fatto il suo primo vero ritorno a una festa del Grand Prix di Miami. È salito sul palco insieme a Quavo di Migos e si è esibito per circa 45 minuti, per TMZ.

Travis Scott is slated to perform at the Billboard Music Awards

Billboard Music Awards has booked Travis Scott to perform at the upcoming show, but not all fans are welcoming this comeback. On May 9, P. Diddy took to Instagram to announce that he "demanded" NBC to allow Scott to perform. "I have some great breaking news. This just in. For the Billboard Music Awards this Sunday, I made a request, I made a demand," he started. "I said, 'My brother Travis Scott has to perform. Diddy is hosting the show. I'm executive producer. He has to perform.' And NBC said 'yes.' So it's going down."

While many expressed excitement over the news, some can't help but share their disappointment. "I'm a big trav fan but I can't seem to find an appropriate argument to convince myself that he isnt to blame(partly) for the astroworld tragedy. It's tainted my perspective of him a lot," one fan admitted. "and why are we allowing him a platform????" questioned another. "if you let a dozen people d|e at your concert you get to perform at the billboard music awards not even a year later? no remorse for the families who lost their loved ones they'll never get to see again," one fan tweeted.

The jury is still out on whether or not Scott will be held responsible for what happened at Astroworld, but according to filmmaker Charlie Minn, who made the Astroworld-centric documentary "Concert Crush," Scott should be in jail. "Travis Scott to me is a punk," he told Page Six. "In my opinion, he is a criminal. Ten people died. How do we get around that?"


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