Un po’ di curiosità che qualche “pericolo!” i fan potrebbero non sapere dell’ospite Ken Jennings è che è un padre, a meno che non lo seguano su Twitter.

L’uomo con 74 vittorie consecutive e sua moglie, Mindy, condividono due figli: una figlia di 15 anni di nome Caitlin e un figlio di 19 anni di nome Dylan. In un’intervista del 2018 con Lifehacker, Jennings li ha menzionati mentre parlava di lavorare da casa come programmatore di software per computer. “Il mio ufficio a casa è proprio davanti alla porta d’ingresso, quindi non appena i bambini tornano a casa da scuola, entrano di corsa”, ha detto. “Ho pensato di mettere una serratura alla porta, ma ho finito per abbracciare la catastrofe”.

It's not as common for Jennings to share photos of his kids — and when he posted a rare pic of his son, many of his fans remarked on the family resemblance.

Ken Jennings' son isn't quite his spitting image

In his interview with Lifehacker, Ken Jennings revealed the advice about being a parent he values the most is to make as many happy memories with your kids as you can before they grow up. Although Jennings' son has left the nest, he hasn't grown out of watching baseball with his dad. Jennings shared a photo of Dylan at a Seattle Mariners game and couldn't resist that "Jeopardy!" champ urge to include some trivia. "The last time his team made it to the playoffs, this guy wasn't born yet. He just started his sophomore year of college. Congrats @Mariners!" tweeted the Seattle native.

In response to the photo, some fans commented on how much Dylan looks like his dad, but one aspect of his appearance stood out. "Does the long hair prevent people from saying, 'You look like that Jeopardy guy,' or does he still have to put up with that anyway?" read one tweet.

In addition to sharing his dad's looks, Dylan has evidently inherited Jennings' fondness for jokes. Jennings occasionally shares some of his son's ideas with his followers, but he's not always impressed with his progeny's attempts at being witty. "My son just pitched me a Twitter joke: 'Why do we call it the Sun instead of a space heater?'" Jennings tweeted in 2017. "Like to have him adopted, RT to have him killed."


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