Britney Spears è stata recentemente messa alla prova: il suo ex marito Jason Alexander ha rovinato il suo matrimonio e alla fine ha posto fine alla sua battaglia per la tutela con suo padre. Tuttavia, sembrava divertirsi in una luna di miele tropicale con il suo nuovo marito, Sam Asghari, per Instagram. La Spears ha recentemente preso una breve pausa da Instagram dopo il suo matrimonio, ma ora è tornata alle sue normali abitudini di pubblicazione. Il cantante “Toxic” in genere mette a nudo tutto sui social media con immagini in topless – e talvolta completamente nude – con poca censura.

Despite backlash and judgment from Instagram users, Spears insists she's simply enjoying herself and hasn't gone off the deep end. In an Instagram caption, she wrote,"No this is not a girls gone wild campaign ... It's simply me living my life !!!" She continued, "this is what happens when you do a two week yacht island vacation ... jumping from island to island is literally insane !!!"

Spears and Asghari recently moved into a new home together after tying the knot last month. According to TMZ, the couple purchased a Calabasas mansion for $11.8 million. Although they got married in Spears' previous Thousand Oaks home, they began moving furniture into their new home even before their honeymoon. While the move appeared to be in full swing, Spears recently revealed on Instagram that her Calabasas mansion is actually still under renovation. The newlyweds seem to be happier than ever right now — especially after their honeymoon — but a recent experience may have briefly changed the mood.

Britney Spears was stranded on the highway in Los Angeles

Everything seemed to be looking up for Britney Spears after her lavish wedding and beautiful honeymoon with her new husband Sam Asghari. However, things took a turn when she reportedly ran out of gas on the highway in Los Angeles and was unable to drive her car, according to TMZ. At around 10 p.m. on July 12, police received a call that a white Mercedes was stalled on the highway in one of the lanes. Spears was able to sit in the backseat of another driver's car while waiting for authorities to arrive. The police eventually pushed her car to the side of the road after stopping traffic and waited with Spears until Asghari was able to pick her up.

Asghari came to Spears' rescue after what seems to have been a frightening experience. The couple is very supportive of each other and appears to be genuinely happy following their wedding. A source told People, "She still can't believe she is married." The insider continued, "She enjoys it very much and loves calling Sam her husband." Meanwhile, Asghari told "Good Morning America," "The husband thing hasn't hit me yet. You know, it's just surreal man."

It seems the newlyweds are focused on moving from Thousand Oaks to Calabasas at the moment, but Spears will undoubtedly keep fans updated on Instagram.


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