Kim Kardashian ha fatto di tutto per la festa del nono compleanno di sua figlia North. North e le sue amiche hanno preso il jet privato di sua madre, noto anche come Kim Air (tramite Auto Evolution), nel luogo remoto della sua festa di compleanno. Il jet è stato completamente decorato per adattarsi al tema della natura selvaggia per la celebrazione. il jet era addobbato con cuscini progettati come tronchi, finte ragnatele appese al soffitto del jet e palloncini giganti che dicevano “Camp North” per salutare North e i suoi amici prima che entrassero nell’aereo, come si vede nelle foto pubblicate su Instagram.

Kim K briefly spoke about the birthday bash during her June 21 appearance on Jimmy Fallon. She said, "[North] wanted to have a spooky wilderness-themed birthday party, so I took them out camping in the wilderness," she continued, "We took about eight kids and we went camping in the wilderness. She wanted it to be really spooky."

In other photos posted, North and her friends, including Kourtney Kardashian's daughter Penelope, are seen wearing matching pajamas. North and her guests appeared to enjoy spending time outdoors for her birthday. Videos posted by Kim show the girls rafting and zip-lining during their time at the celebration. North's birthday party was definitely one to remember and left both celebrities and fans stunned.

Camp North drew a ton of attention from social media users

Although Kim Kardashian's daughter North wanted to have a wilderness-themed party for her ninth birthday, no one was exactly fending for themselves in the woods as traditional campers would. After flying to an unknown location on Kardashian's private jet, North and her friends enjoyed their time outdoors and each slept in their own beds inside of what appeared to be a large home at the end of the night. The beds were covered by a small tiki-like tent topped with a deer head and splattered with fake blood. Everything seemed to mimic camping without all of the bugs and creepy noises after dark, showing off the Kardashian version of "glamping."

North and her friends were seen kayaking, practicing archery, and even wake surfing (via Instagram). Kim's Instagram followers were beyond impressed by the birthday festivities set up for North. One user commented, "Bro these kids live like gods" while another person simply wrote, "adopt me." Others made a point that although the theme was supposed to revolve around the wilderness, there wasn't much camping happening. One person commented, "Nothing says 'camping' like a ride on a private jet to a remote location with custom pajamas."

Millions of Instagram users liked Kardashian's post capturing North's ninth birthday. Saint's birthday is next, but not until the beginning of December, so fans will have to stick around to see what Kim K might be celebrating in a big way before that.


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