L’attrice Kelly Monaco si sta aprendo su uno spaventoso incidente avvenuto nella sua casa di Los Angeles. La Monaco è diventata famosa nella soap opera della ABC “General Hospital”, dove interpreta Sam McCall, la figlia di un signore del crimine. Prima della sua partecipazione allo show di successo, Monaco ha recitato in “Port Charles” della rete, nel ruolo di Livvie Locke dal 2000 al 2003.

Kelly Monaco's house was destroyed by a fire

Original "Dancing With the Stars" champion Kelly Monaco has revealed that her Los Angeles Country home has been destroyed by a fire caused by a burning cigarette butt. The actor spoke to TMZ and explained that the incident — which took place on Friday the 13th — left her home in "devastation."

"Something as little as a cigarette butt can cause casualties and devastation," Monaco told the outlet. In a video from the incident, Monaco can be heard saying, "My house is on fire," before she quickly rushed to shield her face from the fumes. And while Monaco was able to turn over security footage that showed her neighbor flicking the lit cigarette into her yard, authorities have determined that the fire was caused accidentally. Unfortunately, Monaco is unable to return to her home due to the extensive damage.

Monaco isn't the only celebrity to have her Los Angeles County pad destroyed by a fire. In 2018, Miley Cyrus, Gerald Butler, and Robin Thicke were among the list of public figures who lost their homes in the devastating Woolsey Fire.


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