Gabi Butler è emersa come una delle stelle emergenti della serie di documentari di successo di Netflix “Cheer”. Lo spettacolo, presentato per la prima volta con grande successo nel gennaio 2020, segue una squadra di cheerleader di un college della comunità mentre si preparano a vincere l’ambito campionato nazionale di cheerleader. È stato accolto con ampi consensi, con i critici che hanno elogiato la sua rappresentazione accurata e onesta del cheerleading come sport. Lo spettacolo ha ottenuto numerose nomination ai Primetime Emmy, incluse tre vittorie. E Butler, nota per la sua flessibilità, atletismo e eccezionali capacità di volo, è diventata rapidamente una delle preferite dai fan.

And while a stunt performer might seem like a natural progression for Butler, the athlete has decided to take her career in a decidedly different direction.

Gabi Butler signs with WWE

Gabi Butler is delving into a new sport that is a far cry from the glitz and glam of cheerleading and gymnastics. In a recent interview with People, the 24-year-old "Cheer" star said she signed a developmental contract with WWE as she explores a potential career in wrestling. Explaining the unexpected move, Butler said she fell in love with the sport after attending the 2022 SummerSlam in Nashville. "I was so involved in the cheerleading industry for so long, and I never really looked into anything other than cheerleading," she told the outlet. "But when I went to SummerSlam, it really just opened my eyes to the athleticism and the dedication the athletes bring into the ring."

Butler said she was especially amazed by how similar the sport is to cheerleading — from the intensity of their performance to the competitive atmosphere. "It was almost like I was watching a cheerleading competition, but wrestling edition," she joked. Since her announcement, Paul "Triple H" Levesque has gone on Twitter to congratulate Butler for signing with WWE, writing, "Sky's the limit for @GabiButlerCheer... excited to welcome this incredible athlete to the @WWE Performance Center!" 

Fans of Butler also reacted to her surprising new gig, with one fan tweeting, "gabi butler signing w the WWE is the most gabi butler thing ever." According to People, Butler's contract with WWE doesn't mean she'll be jumping into the ring just yet, although that's one thing the "Cheer" star would "definitely love" to do. "Hopefully in the future," Butler said. "I never thought that cheerleading would take me on this route, but here we are."


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