Sebbene Donald Trump abbia lasciato l’ufficio presidenziale e gli sia stato vietato di fare più tweet degni di nota, sta ancora facendo notizia ogni giorno. In particolare, gli occhi sono tornati su Donald a causa del suo potenziale coinvolgimento nell’incitamento alla rivolta del 6 gennaio a Washington DC. Come riassume la CNN, il comitato ristretto della Camera ha finora ascoltato una moltitudine di testimoni nei loro sforzi per dimostrare gli sforzi di Donald per rovesciare il elezione.

The twenty hours of public hearings have been filled with shocking moments. Business Insider reported on the testimony of a former aide, who shared that Donald would throw meals at the wall and flip tablecloths when angry. General William Barr shared that there was no evidence of election fraud, per CNN, and noted that Donald was made aware of this. 

Another investigation into the Trump family has been happening simultaneously, and capturing its own headlines. According to CNBC, the New York attorney general's office began scrutinizing the Trump Organization, which may have illegally manipulated real estate markets. The deposition of Donald, as well as that of his children, Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr., was set to happen July 15. However, the death of Trump's ex-wife, Ivana Trump, introduced a hiccup in the trial and some conspiracy theorists are finding it all too convenient. 

Ivana Trump's death has caused the depositions to be delayed

For over a month, the Trump family's depositions were scheduled for July 15. However, on July 14, The New York Times shared that Donald Trump's ex-wife, Ivana Trump, had died at age 73. As a result, ABC reported the attorney general understandably decided to delay all three depositions, allowing the family time to grieve. Yesterday, a devastated Ivanka Trump tweeted out a childhood image with her mother, writing, "Heartbroken by the passing of my mother." Donald Trump used his platform, Truth Social (via The Hill), to share, "She was a wonderful, beautiful, and amazing woman, who led a great and inspirational life."

However, following the announcement of the delayed depositions, some conspiracy theorists couldn't help but to point out the timing. "What an amazing coincidence," someone wrote under ABC's announcement. One user put the wild conspiracy in plain words: "Ivana Trump 'fell' down her stairs and died a day before Trump was due to give a deposition ... You can't make this s*** up." Notably, there is no evidence to support the theory that Ivana's death was planned or caused in relation to the trial. Some netizens were entirely unamused by the speculation, with one user tweeting, "Why would anyone make Ivana Trump's death political. That is ignorant and disrespectful. Not funny, not even close and I really dislike trump." 


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