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L’abito dei Billboard Music Awards di Kylie Jenner ha sicuramente delle persone che parlano


Kylie Jenner si è unita al fidanzato Travis Scott e alla loro figlia di 4 anni, Stormi, sul tappeto rosso per i Billboard Music Awards 2022 a Las Vegas, secondo People. L’uscita di famiglia, ovviamente, ha catturato l’attenzione delle masse online, ma tutti gli occhi sembravano puntati sull’illusione del vestito di Jenner e del suo corpo dopo il parto.

It appears that Jenner is feeling a little more confident about her body after losing most of the weight she gained during her second pregnancy. She wore a bodycon Balmain gown to this year's BBMAs, which effortlessly showed off her notable curves, according to Page Six, and seemed poised on the carpet. Just weeks before this appearance, she wore a flowy ruffled wedding gown to the Met Gala that drew attention away from the shape of her body. But with her famous curves back on display, fans have definitely been talking.

Fans have mixed feelings about Kylie's red carpet look

Kylie Jenner wowed fans with her Billboard Music Awards outfit and reminded the internet to expect the unexpected (or at least, some people felt that way). The long-sleeved form-fitting grayish blue gown gives off the illusion of Jenner being naked, with lines accentuating the curves of her body. And as soon as fans were able to access red carpet photos, social media users could not stop talking about Jenner's outfit.

Some fans called the look "boring," while others thought Stormi simply stole the show as per usual. One Twitter user tweeted, "How does Stormi look better than Kylie Jenner on the red carpet," referencing the youngster's one-sleeve dress. Another said, "again it's the boring Kar/Jenner long bodycon dresses for a red carpet[.] I wish they'd be more adventurous with their styling, the dress is not red carpet worthy, underwhelming as usual." Basically that person felt like they'd seen it all before.

Others are definitely in disagreement when it comes to this particular red carpet look. One fan commented, "Kylie is pretty, but that dress does NOTHING for her," before receiving a response to dispute the remark, "I think she looks good." Some, on the other hand, were in love with the fashion statement. A supportive fan tweeted, "KYLIE LOOKS SO GOOD IN THAT DRESS BYEE," seemingly unbothered by any criticism of the look online. While fans are torn-up about Jenner's Balmain gown, the reality star seems unbothered by the judgment and has yet to respond to the online frenzy her outfit caused.

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