Il regno della regina Elisabetta potrebbe volgere al termine. Il monarca, che ha governato il Commonwealth per più di 70 anni, giovedì è stato « posto sotto controllo medico ». La notizia è arrivata dopo che la regina ha rinunciato a un’apparizione programmata mercoledì, secondo quanto riferito in seguito agli ordini dei medici. Buckingham Palace ha rilasciato una dichiarazione in cui confermava che le condizioni di Elisabetta non erano migliorate. « A seguito di un’ulteriore valutazione questa mattina, i medici della Regina sono preoccupati per la salute di Sua Maestà e le hanno raccomandato di rimanere sotto controllo medico », si legge nella dichiarazione, per People. « La regina resta a suo agio ea Balmoral. »

With the queen holed up in Balmoral, her favorite Scottish retreat, royal fanatics are left to guess at what's going on. The palace did not offer any information as to what was ailing Queen Elizabeth or the seriousness of her condition.

This is not the first time the queen has taken a step back to attend to her health. In February, Queen Elizabeth contracted COVID and was placed under medical supervision, but still attended events virtually, per ABC News. This time seems to be different, though, given the reaction of Queen Elizabeth's close family members – even those with whom she has a troubled past.

Camilla's actions cause concern

It's not news that Camilla Parker Bowles and Queen Elizabeth do not get along. According to BBC News, Queen Elizabeth long refused to meet Camilla out of anger that her "friendship" with Charles destroyed his marriage to Lady Diana and embarrassed the royal family. Time heals most wounds, though, and Camilla and the queen have been seen together in public many times in recent years. Still, we wouldn't call them BFFs.

Understanding their icy relationship gives new significance to Camilla's decision to rush to the queen's bedside after she was placed under supervision at Balmoral. Camilla even canceled an interview with Jenna Bush-Hager to join the queen. During Thursday's episode of "Today," Bush-Hager explained that Charles and Camilla's decision to cancel all scheduled events points to the seriousness of the queen's condition, even if Buckingham Palace won't admit it. "They do not take these matters lightly. They had packed schedules, full of many appointments," she said. "We are thinking about this beloved queen, who was loved around the world, particularly here in Scotland." Whatever the state of their relationship today, Camilla's decision to cancel her events to be by the queen's side speaks to the respect she has for the monarch — even if the feeling hasn't always been mutual. If the queen is indeed in her final hours, it would mean big things for Camilla. In February, BBC News reported that Queen Elizabeth gave her blessing for Camilla to officially become queen consort when Charles takes over after her death.


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