Robert Redford e Barbra Streisand hanno infiammato lo schermo con la loro chimica in “The Way We Were” del 1973, ma ci sono state complicazioni fuori dal set tra le due star. Secondo un membro della troupe, la cantante di “Woman in Love” ha sviluppato sentimenti per la sua co-protagonista che andavano oltre il loro rapporto di lavoro, come ha scritto Neal Gabler nella sua biografia del 2016 “Barbra Streisand: Redefining Beauty, Femininity, and Power”. Una fonte sul set del film ha detto a Gabler: “Era ovvio che Barbra era troppo, troppo pazza di Bob. Ha avuto difficoltà a controllare le sue emozioni” (tramite Persone).

Robert Redford wore two pairs of underwear onset

Once Barbra Streisand was cast to co-star with Robert Redford in "The Way We Were," she allegedly developed true romantic feelings for the "Out of Africa" actor. The two had dinner together to talk about the project, and Streisand instantly "had a crush on him," as Sydney Pollack told writer Robert Hofler for his book "The Way They Were" (via the Daily Mail). Always the consummate professional, Redford wanted to ensure that his intimate scenes with Streisand were above board, so he took extra precautions. "To protect himself in more ways than one, [Redford] wore two athletic supporters for his love scene with Streisand, who chose to don a bikini," Hofler wrote. Evidently, the "Yentl" star wore the swimsuit for similar reasons.

There was additional friction during one particular love scene, as Redford's character was supposed to have a subpar performance in bed and say, "It will be better this time." Per Hofler's book, Redford was more concerned with protecting his lothario status and did not want to say the line, according to the Daily Mail.

Decades later, Streisand revealed that she had in fact developed feelings for Redford on-set. "I was in love with him for every movie that we did together. But we were both always married," the "Meet the Fockers" actor told Entertainment Weekly in 2015. However, Streisand had no regrets about not pursuing it. "It wouldn't have worked," she added when discussing their potential real-life romance.


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