La reputazione di Ellen DeGeneres non è mai stata la stessa da quando è stata accusata di maltrattare i suoi dipendenti e di creare un ambiente di lavoro “tossico”. Ma ora, anni dopo, almeno una persona che in precedenza lavorava per il conduttore del talk show è venuta in sua difesa. Kalen Allen, che è stato una parte importante di “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, è andato al podcast di Brandi Glanville per mettere le cose in chiaro sul suo possedere esperienze. Glanville non è estranea alle polemiche, quindi è probabilmente lo spazio più sicuro che Allen potrebbe trovare.

Unlike the employees who spoke to BuzzFeed, though, Allen has fond memories of working on the show.

Kalen Allen had an 'amazing time' working with Ellen

Former "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" employee Kalen Allen finally decided to speak his truth about what went on behind the scenes on Brandi Glanville's "Unfiltered" podcast. "I can only speak from my experience," he said, "because the truth for me was I had an amazing time at the show." Allen's not saying the former employees weren't telling the truth, just that he didn't necessarily see it. "I wasn't in the office every single day and then when I was I wasn't always around her to even know the extremity of it all ... it was such a delicate time."

At the end of the day, show business is a tough industry, and maybe not everyone is cut out for that life, Allen suggested. "I think also working in Hollywood it gets really tricky because you have this bubble of people, but then you have also all these people who live in the real world and live in Hollywood ... and sometimes those worlds clash because they are so vastly different."

For what it's worth, Allen wasn't part of the behind-the-scenes team, he was on-air talent that DeGeneres brought on the show after seeing his YouTube channel. "Ellen and I had a different relationship, we were very close and still are because of the fact that she brought me in," he acknowledges. When the show finally ended, he wrote on Twitter, "She was my champion and, most importantly, my friend from day one."


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