Adam Hicks, un ex star di Disney Channel, ha intrapreso un percorso travagliato dopo il suo tempo nella popolare rete televisiva. Hicks era noto per il suo ruolo nel film originale di Disney Channel, “Lemonade Mouth”, così come in “Zeke and Luther” di Disney XD, secondo IMDb. Tuttavia, le cose hanno preso una piega terribile dopo il suo più recente ruolo importante nello spettacolo di Hulu “Freakish”, in cui è apparso l’ultima volta nel 2017.

His arrests and behavior came as a surprise to many fans. One even tweeted, "I'm watching lemonade mouth and all i can think abt is the fact that adam hicks became an armed robber like did the disney channel money run out ??" Now, Hicks is finally opening up about his arrests and concerning past behavior.

Adam Hicks is finally breaking his silence on his past arrests

Adam Hicks was originally sentenced to five years in prison after being charged with armed robbery, but was ultimately released in July after spending years behind bars as he waited to be sentenced, per TMZ. In a new interview, Hicks revealed that he was attempting to cope with his anxiety and stress by self-medicating with both alcohol and Xanax as a teen. He explained that his mother passed away and brother serving time in prison took a major toll on his mental health.

"During this time, I started to heavily use Xanax, [and] heavily drink and slowly deteriorate into this insanity ... I was having delusional episodes," Hicks said. After he was arrested for armed robbery, he was allegedly interviewed by psychiatrists who deemed him incompetent to stand trial. He was later put on court-ordered medication and apparently ended up realizing what he had done after getting sober.

When asked why he committed the crimes, he responded, "Honestly, I don't have a reason and that's the worst reason of all. There's a lot of things in the media. The things that happened that are true, I take full responsibility for, especially to the victims." He admitted that he let a lot of people down, including society and his family, and apologized for his actions. He concluded his statement by saying, "I was just not in my right state of mind, but I do take full responsibility and I deserve what happened to me."

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