Britney Spears e Kevin Federline condividono un passato e un presente complicati, soprattutto per quanto riguarda la loro storia di co-genitori. Nel corso degli anni, l’ex coppia, che ha divorziato nel luglio 2007 dopo tre anni di matrimonio, ha avuto vari accordi di custodia dei loro due figli, Sean Preston e Jayden James, secondo People.

Currently, that doesn't appear to be the case, as her teenage sons didn't attend Spears' recent wedding to Sam Asghari. While Federline has kept much of his personal life private, he's now revealing the nitty-gritty details about fatherhood and his family in an exclusive interview.

Parts of Kevin Federline's interview were 'too hurtful' to air

An upcoming interview with Kevin Federline on ITV News is already making waves, and there's lots to unpack. The tell-all interview is more of a tell-almost interview, as certain segments will be omitted in the airing, however what we already know is climatic. In a clip shown on the British morning show "Lorraine," Federline revealed that his and Britney Spears' sons are not seeing their mother at this time, which was their decision and not Federline's. Another sore spot for the teenagers is Spears' risqué Instagram photos.

On "Lorraine," the interviewer, Daphne Barak, explained why certain parts of the interview won't be shown, explaining, "I feel it will be too hurtful. I don't think anybody meant to hurt these boys purposely." Though Spears is obviously a part of the saga, the interview tells another tale. Barak stated that this is "the story of the father, the boys, and how he successfully managed to bring them up against the odds with all this drama going on.

Spears aired out her frustrations on Instagram following Federline's intervirew. In a lengthy text post, she calls out Federline's "Big Booty" video in response to his statement about her suggestive pictures, and writes, "Other artists have made much worse when their children were extremely young!!!!" She concluded her post by adding, "I'm not surprised at all with their behavior and their approach to what I've had to deal with."


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