Lisa Rinna vuole che tutti sappiano che suo marito, Harry Hamlin, sta andando abbastanza bene.

Rinna ha recentemente preso su Instagram per annunciare che Hamlin aveva subito un intervento chirurgico. Pur non rivelando alcun dettaglio sullo stato di salute di lui, ha detto che era contenta di prendersi cura di lui. “HH ha subito un intervento chirurgico alla spalla e io sono la sua infermiera”, ha scritto all’epoca. “Prega per lui. A dire il vero, ha detto che sono un’ottima infermiera. #NotNurseRachett.”

Lisa Rinna dances to celebrate Harry Hamlin's speedy recovery

In a video shared across her social media presence, the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star pranced around her husband with glee while the "L.A. Law" actor remained seated in a chair feigning nonchalance. Not once did he look up to his wife. Instead, he appeared to "read" the book he was holding upside-down. Ha! These two! "Day 12 after my patient's shoulder surgery," Rinna penned. "He's doing well!" Fans are equally glad that he's doing well, too. "So glad he's doing good," one fan commented, while another commended Rinna's "nursing" skills. "Your patient looks very good! good TLC Lisa," they wrote.

We're happy to know that Hamlin is on the mend! After all, he's not the biggest fan of going under the knife. When asked if he'd gotten surgery to maintain his youthful look, he claimed his appearance was all natural. "S***, no. I've never done anything like that," he explained to Interview Magazine. "I don't take any supplements. I started taking vitamins maybe a month ago. I got a bottle of Centrum Silver, and I've taken four or five of those." Bless us with your genes, Hamlin!


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