Brittany Snow e suo marito, la star di “Selling the OC”, Tyler Stanaland, potrebbero aver annunciato la loro separazione al mondo, ma sembra che la loro relazione sia più nell’aria di quanto ci aspettassimo.

Naturally, in the wake of their separation, many were quick to question whether Cardona's actions had played a part. And, speaking to People, some sources believed there was a link. "They had issues before, but this is the final straw," they shared. That said, sources speaking to TMZ disagreed, chalking it up to distance. Either way, though, a new development has us asking what's really happening with the former lovebirds.

Brittany Snow and Tyler Stanaland were spotted together

Brittany Snow and Tyler Stanaland may have announced their separation, but per TMZ, less than a week later, they were spotted out together in L.A. 

According to the outlet, the former couple went out for dinner on September 20. The next morning, they were spotted together again, coffee in hand. However, intriguing though this development may be, it's worth pointing out that, even in their joint Instagram statement, they revealed that they were committed to maintaining their friendship, even as the nature of their relationship changed. "Our relationship will continue to be a priority not only for us but for our dog Charlie," they wrote. Sure enough, one of the images of Snow and Stanaland's reunion saw the two fawning over Charlie — so there's a chance their excursion was simply canine co-parenting. 

Another factor worth noting is that Snow has traditionally been pretty private about her romantic life. In fact, back in 2018, she told Us Weekly that her relationship with Stanaland marked the first time she even wanted to go public. "I'm very public about it for the first time in my life and that's very strange to me," she admitted. Likewise, Stanaland shared on "Reality Life with Kate Casey" that he had made a conscious choice to keep his relationship away from "Selling the OC." It seems unlikely we will ever know the truth about where Snow and Stanaland stand until they tell us themselves. Either way, we're wishing them the best. 


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