Dire che il concetto del nuovo reality show di Discovery+ “Love in the Jungle” è selvaggio sarebbe un eufemismo. La serie di appuntamenti trova i suoi single sexy che adottano un personaggio animale e tentano di navigare alla ricerca di un compagno come fanno gli animali: senza parole. È una sfida per un turbolento gruppo di bellezze abituate a cavarsela con le loro parole e lo spettacolo non si ferma davanti a nulla per assicurarsi che la sua metafora della giungla vada a buon fine.

And yes, they really were out in the wild!

Don't get us wrong, the show's entertainment lies in the way its contestants try to find love — and those mating ritual challenges — but "Love in the Jungle" also highlights the beautiful wildlife. Filmed at "a private eco-reserve in Colombia," according to Realscreen, its stars told us that despite the glamor of filming a TV show, they certainly felt what it was like to get in touch with nature.

"[Where we stayed], we call it Tarzan's mansion," Paige revealed. "There were trees ... No doors, it was completely open. So we slept under these nets [and] there were bugs and spiders. And it was a lot." As for Stephan, he won't forget "the torrential rainfall every morning that [they'd] wake up to," which occasionally delayed production. "We'd have to kind of wait for everything and the people around, so that was really the jungle experience," he said.

It wasn't all wild emotions, though. The cast certainly saw their fair share of wildlife, too. "We saw monkeys," Paige recalled. "Honestly, there were such beautiful butterflies and it was just such a beautiful environment to be in. ... Everyone really let their wild out because we were really in the jungle."

The first two episodes of "Love in the Jungle" are now streaming on Discovery+.


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