Incontri nel 21° secolo è difficile. Tra le pressioni dei social media, il terrore esistenziale e, naturalmente, la chimica e la compatibilità, può essere difficile trovare qualcuno che possa far funzionare tutto. Non c’è da stupirsi che, sentendosi esauste dalla scena, così tante persone si siano rivolte al reality per vedere se riescono a trovarlo. Dopotutto, anche se non funziona, almeno possiamo divertirci! La nuova serie di Discovery + “Love in the Jungle” offre sicuramente il fattore divertimento e il suo concetto offre una svolta rinfrescante – e selvaggia – sul formato dello spettacolo di appuntamenti.

The show's sexy singles take a page from the animal kingdom by choosing an animal and communicating nonverbally, impressing lovers by competing in games modeled after mating rituals. As two of its stars told Nicki Swift in an exclusive interview, it certainly wasn't easy, but it may have been worth it nonetheless. "It was just such a cool concept," Paige, who played as a starfish, said. "I personally love animals and I really wanted to just kind of dig into that and try something different because I was single for three years and nothing was working."

Stephan –– the bee –– echoed the sentiment. "I've just tried everything out under the sun," he confessed. "I saw this as a little bit outlandish, but it's still an opportunity to kind of break that simulation, to try to go into this jungle situation that none of us know what's going to happen."

Love in the Jungle puts a major twist on a reality dating show

It's one thing to hear about the concept of "Love in the Jungle" and another to see it in action. The show's first two episodes, now streaming on Discovery+, highlight the hilarious awkwardness contestants are faced with as they meet and attempt to get to know one another without words. As it turns out, that little factoid was a bit of a surprise for its players. "I kind of got caught by surprise with it," Stephan said. "I don't think any of us would've willingly walked into the situation ... so it was a cool little element to kind of get shocked by."

Without any small talk to get in the way, these contestants learned to embrace their wild side, and, much like their animal counterparts, adapted to their habitat. "It was a shock, but I think we all just really bought into the experiment ... and just said, 'Alright, we're all uncomfortable here, we'll make it work,'" Paige explained. "But it made us create a really special bond." As someone who identifies as "such a talker," she found herself approaching relationships in an entirely new way. "You just look at everything so much differently with how you interact with people, how you get to know someone, and just create those connections," Paige continued. "You have to completely think outside the box and be uncomfortable, which makes you grow."

The first two episodes of "Love in the Jungle" are now streaming on Discovery+.


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