La popolare conduttrice di talk show Wendy Williams ha avuto un paio d’anni difficili. Dal risultato positivo per COVID-19 nel settembre 2021 (secondo la CNN), alla lotta contro altri problemi di salute e, in particolare, all’essere assente dal suo spettacolo omonimo, Williams quasi non riesce a prendersi una pausa. A giugno, Variety ha riferito in esclusiva che dopo 13 anni di syndication, “The Wendy Williams Show” stava volgendo al termine. “L’ultimo episodio originale di ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ andrà in onda venerdì 17 giugno con un video tributo all’iconico conduttore”, ha rivelato un portavoce dello spettacolo in quel momento.

Now, amid all this seemingly never-ending drama, how is Wendy Williams moving on from her TV show? By looking ahead, of course — but not before taking care of some things from the past!

The purple chair stays

As the "The Wendy Williams Show" era comes to an end, Wendy Williams is more than ready to move on to the next phase of her life — but she's bringing the past with her! Speaking to The U.S. Sun, Williams' manager Will Selby revealed that he and the television host have retrieved her memorabilia from the production set. "I thought 'Why should it stay there — so people can sell it on eBay?' There were some things I felt were iconic," Selby told the outlet.

And while some things were not of utmost importance, Williams was simply not ready to let go of the legendary purple chair that served as her seat on the show. "That was her's and it signifies the old chapter closing as we start the new one," her manager explained, adding that it would be a part of her new podcast venture. In addition to the chair, Selby and Williams grabbed a few wigs as well as "some custom-made shoes and pieces of artwork that were created for her." 

Selby's interview comes in the wake of TMZ's report that Williams is already lining up some of the industry's biggest names as guests on her upcoming podcast show. Per the outlet, the proposed guest list includes stars like Snoop Dogg, Fat Joe and members of the Trump and Kardashian families. Though none of this is confirmed, one thing is clear enough: the purple chair is here to stay!


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