Tom Brady e Gisele Bündchen hanno incontrato un grosso ostacolo nella loro relazione e gran parte di ciò è stato trasmesso dalla stampa. Non molto tempo dopo che Brady ha annunciato che si sarebbe ritirato dal calcio tramite la CBS per “concentrare il mio tempo e le mie energie su altre cose che richiedono la mia attenzione”, ha deciso di Twitter per condividere con i fan che era cambiato. “Negli ultimi due mesi ho capito che il mio posto è ancora sul campo e non sugli spalti”, ha scritto, aggiungendo che era pronto per intraprendere la sua 23a stagione nella NFL.

Brady and Bündchen have remained pretty tight-lipped about their issues though the NFL star told the press, via TMZ, that he has "a lot of s*** going on." With divorce rumors swirling, is there a way to save what once was?

The ball is reportedly in Tom Brady's court

Is there hope for Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen after all? According to a report from Us Weekly, there could be a chance to save Brady and Bündchen, but the ball seems to be in Brady's court now. "Gisele is waiting for Tom to make a big gesture of support to her," a source tells the outlet of the couple's current state of affairs. At this time, the couple has reportedly been living apart from one another and have been "at odds with each other" amid their marital woes.

A different report suggests that both camps have hired divorce lawyers and are ready to move forward with a split sometime soon after they had a blow-out argument. "I never actually thought this argument would be the end of them, but it looks like it is," a source revealed to Page Six. "I don't think there will be any coming back now. They both have lawyers and are looking at what a split will entail, who gets what and what the finances will be."

This is not the first time Brady and Bündchen have made headlines regarding a potential split. According to Fox News, the couple reportedly faced a rough patch in 2015 after the viral "deflategate" fiasco. The pair were not photographed together for two months, but they weathered the storm. We can only wait and see if their recent woes will follow a similar theme.


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