I problemi di Britney Spears con i suoi familiari più stretti sono apparentemente peggiorati. Ad aprile, Britney ha affermato che suo padre Jamie Spears la stava ancora perseguitando poiché la loro battaglia legale sui suoi 13 anni di tutela non è ancora finita. Sfortunatamente, anche la faida tra Britney e sua sorella Jamie Lynn Spears si è intensificata in grande stile, poiché i tentativi di Jamie Lynn di riconciliarsi con sua sorella non hanno funzionato. Il 15 gennaio, Jamie Lynn ha scritto nella sua storia su Instagram: “Britney, chiamami, ho tentato molte volte di parlarti direttamente e di gestirlo in privato come dovrebbero fare le sorelle, ma scegli comunque di fare tutto su una piattaforma pubblica. “

To make matters even worse, Britney has also been on the outs with her mother, Lynne Spears. Lynne wasn't invited to Britney's wedding to Sam Asghari and the drama between them got tense back in June, as the pop star reportedly threw some shade in her mother's direction. Now, it seems like Lynne can't take the drama anymore and has decided to break her silence on Britney's troubling texting claims.

Britney Spears continues to tell her side of the story

Britney Spears claims that her mother wasn't there for her when she needed her the most — but Lynne Spears begs to differ. After Britney took to Instagram to share her account of how she reached out to her mother for help during her 2019 stay at a mental health facility, but received no response, Lynne said that wasn't quite the case. According to Page Six, Lynne took to her own Instagram to share the "whole conversations" between her and Britney. Lynne wrote, "I hurt for you that you feel the people who love you the most betrayed you! Let me come to you! I love you!"

In the screenshot text messages, Britney expressed concern over some of the medications she'd been given. She says that her mother didn't respond to her, but Lynne says that she did, even though she suspected that her phone was being monitored at the time. Lynne wrote, "I don't know if some of my msgs to her were deleted by outside sources or what happened but I do know the courts had them all as I was very concerned for her."

That said, Britney continued to spill the tea on her Instagram page, saying that her mother did things like hiding coffee away from her, along with photos of the singer, in her kitchen. Here's hoping the Spears family can resolve their drama off social media sooner rather than later.


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