L’incoronazione di re Carlo il 6 maggio ha fatto notizia per molte ragioni e Katy Perry si è trovata molto discussa. La cantante è stata invitata ad esibirsi per il concerto dell’incoronazione reale e ha cantato a squarciagola le sue canzoni di successo « Roar » e « Firework », con la principessa Charlotte che cantava dal suo posto. Anche Kate Middleton sembrava godersi il concerto, mentre annuiva con entusiasmo alla musica.

Perry was also a guest at the coronation prior to the concert, and created a buzz when she looked confused while trying to find her seat for the ceremony. "Might be hard to see with that thing over your head," a Twitter user joked, referring to Perry's extra-large lilac hat. "Do you ever feel like a plastic bag," another mused. Amid the jokes, the "California Gurls" singer tweeted, "don't worry guys i found my seat." In another facepalm moment, when exiting Westminster Abbey, Perry slipped on the wet ground in her heels and almost fell. Thankfully, she righted herself and averted disaster. While her faux-pas definitely caused chatter, it was a 2018 comment about Meghan Markle made by Perry that didn't lose its shade over time.

Katy Perry thought Kate Middleton won with her wedding dress

Perhaps it was a good thing Meghan Markle skipped out on the coronation. She might have been reminded of the time Katy Perry was asked about her wedding dress during a 2018 interview, to which the "Hot n Cold" singer replied, "I would've done one more fitting." Winking at the camera, she added, "Kate won. I'm sorry! I'm never not going to tell the truth," per ET Canada.

Kate Middleton married Prince William in 2011 and wore a lace Alexander McQueen gown with a nine-foot train designed by Sarah Burton. Markle, on the other hand, kept hers simple yet elegant with a silk off-the-shoulder by Givenchy when she wed Prince Harry in 2018. While some royal fans praised Markle for her timeless look, others agreed with Perry's comments. "How is it possible that no one is talking about these ill fitting sleeves?????" a Twitter user asked. "Just hard to compare when Kate was so glam and her gowns seemed like she was sewn into them day of," they continued in a follow-up tweet.

While Prince Harry attended the coronation, he was absent during the concert, which might have been for the best. According to The Daily Star, it's believed that Markle has a grudge against Perry's 2018 comments (per the Mirror). It probably also didn't help that Perry once referred to Prince Harry as a "hot ginger" and declared, "I'd be open to that."


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