Il body shaming è stato soprannominato “un’epidemia culturale” e, infatti, anche se i suoi effetti reali sulla salute mentale continuano a essere studiati e documentati, non mostra segni di cessazione. È una piaga che non se ne va e nessuno ne è immune, nemmeno la A-list di Hollywood. Il numero di star che si sono vergognate del grasso (compresi gli uomini che si sono vergognati del corpo a causa di Hollywood) è lungo e, purtroppo, continua solo a crescere. La cosa buona è, tuttavia, che le celebrità stanno ora trovando la forza di denunciare pubblicamente i loro vergogna del corpo. Tutti, da Billie Eilish a Kelly Clarkson, hanno applaudito ai troll, ispirando gli altri a fare lo stesso. Solo negli ultimi mesi, la star di “Bridgerton” Nicola Coughlan si è rivolta a Instagram per chiedere che “se hai un’opinione sul mio corpo, per favore, per favore non condividerla con me”, mentre Alicia Silverstone ha usato TikTok per dare agli hater il mezzo letterale dito.

What really happened to Melanie Lynskey on the Coyote Ugly set?

Melanie Lynskey is no stranger to having her body scrutinized and, as she told Rolling Stone in January, she's been shamed by both online critics and herpeers. Addressing fans of "Yellowjackets" who have argued that her character, Shauna, would never have an affair with the handsome Adam (played by Peter Gadiot) in real life, she said, "I'm just like, 'Wow, really? That's where people's heads are at, that the most important thing is being thin or young?'" 

Even more surprising was the revelation that a member of the production team broached the subject with her, asking if she had a diet or exercise plan in place to shed some weight. They reportedly told her, "'I'm sure the producers will get you a trainer. They'd love to help you with this.'"

That wasn't Lynskey's only terrible on-set experience. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter in August, she recalled how being cast in 2000's "Coyote Ugly" meant her body was judged constantly. "I was already starving myself and as thin as I could possibly be for this body, and I was still a [size] four," she shared. Lynskey was forced to wear multiple pairs of Spanx and a costume designer complained about her not being thin enough while a makeup artist told her, "I'm just going to help you out by giving you a bit more of a jawline and stuff." Lynskey revealed, "The feedback was constantly like, 'You're not beautiful. You're not beautiful.'"


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