Il dramma non si ferma mai in “Real Housewives of New Jersey”. Questa stagione è stata incentrata sulla nuova storia d’amore di Teresa Giudice e sul conflitto senza fine che ha portato al suo matrimonio. Finora, Giudice e la sua migliore nemica, Melissa Gorga, si sono scontrate su tutto, dalle feste di matrimonio alle classifiche dei posti a sedere.

Melissa isn't keeping Teresa's secrets

During an aftershow interview earlier this week, Melissa Gorga spilled the tea on housewives' cosmetic procedures. According to Gorga, most housewives opt to get something done after seeing themselves on TV for the first time. "Everybody gets a little tune-up after the first time," she said. The reality star, who has been involved in a seemingly never-ending conflict with Teresa Giudice, took the chance to throw a little shade.

"Teresa did her forehead. She went back a little further," Gorga said, indicating that Giudice had done something to lengthen her hairline. "Everybody does something." Giudice has not responded to Gorga's claims. However, in the same show, Gorga, like Giudice, admitted to getting a rhinoplasty done. "I watched myself on TV; I went and got a nose job," she said. Additionally, both Gorga and Giudice have admitted to breast augmentations in the past. Giudice even got a touch-up in 2020.

The only thing harder than keeping up appearances on "RHONJ" is keeping peace with your castmates. While they'll appear on aftershows together, things are still not good between Giudice and Gorga, as evidenced by Gorga's dig at Giudice. When asked if she was speaking to Gorga and her brother as recently as February, Guidice confirmed that they still don't speak. "I'm happy for them. I wish them well," she told Us Weekly. "I wish they wished me the same back."


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