Naomie Olindo e Craig Conover, noti per i loro ruoli in “Southern Charm”, hanno sorpreso i fan con una rivelazione scioccante durante il trailer della stagione 8. Olindo è tornato nella serie dopo aver preso una pausa per una stagione, secondo Us Weekly, e ha apparentemente ha riportato il dramma con lei. Stava uscendo con Conover per alcuni anni prima che decidessero di separarsi reciprocamente nel 2017, secondo E! News e ha insistito sul fatto che sarebbero rimasti amici nonostante la fine della loro relazione romantica. Alla fine i due si resero conto di essere troppo diversi e non più compatibili.

Conover told The Daily Dish in 2018, "Naomie and I, we had the best of intentions. We were trying to work it out, but after a while we had to accept reality, and I wished things were different," he continued, "No one stepped out or cheated or anything, so there wasn't really any anger. It was just kind of disappointing and sad." He also revealed that they didn't really speak anymore, but wanted to eventually establish a friendship with Olindo and still loved "the girl to death."

Both reality stars moved on. Olindo began dating an anesthesiologist, Metul Shah, in 2018 and seemed happier than ever. However, the pair broke up in July 2021 shortly after they moved to New York together, according to People. Now, the "Southern Charm" Season 8 trailer reveals that Olindo and Conover made their way back to each other, but Olindo is clearing the air on what really went down.

They are not getting back together

Before the season premiere of "Southern Charm" Season 8, it was revealed through the season's trailer that Naomie Olindo and Craig Conover, who had dated for a few years during previous seasons, had hooked up again. While viewers had been wondering if the two would ever get back together, assumptions were being made without much truth to them. Unfortunately, for fans hoping the pair would rekindle their romance at some point, the chances of that happening seem incredibly low. During an interview with People, Olindo was not holding back on what really went down between her and Conover. 

"This happened a year ago now and it was sort of a one or two-off situation," she told the outlet. "It was almost like, a bit of closure at the same time, because we had been together for so long and now we finally had a friendship again now that so much time had passed. But really, it was nothing more than that."

Olindo also explained that she didn't expect anyone to care about it or for it to turn into such a big scandal. Now, the two are focused on dating other people. Conover is now dating Paige DeSorbo, another Bravo star, and the two are in a challenging long distance relationship, according to Page Six. Olindo is dating again, but told People that it's not anything serious. Viewers will have to stick around to see how everything plays out on "Southern Charm" Season 8.


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