Nell’episodio finale di “Le vere casalinghe del New Jersey” speciale reunion della stagione 12, alcuni momenti discutibili ma divertenti emersi tra il cast, in particolare tra Dolores Catania e il suo ex marito Frank Catania. Nello show, Frank ha condiviso i suoi pensieri sul nuovo uomo di Dolores, Paul “Paulie” Connell.

Dolores Catania's boyfriend Paulie is a good sport

Frank Catania wasn't lying when he said that he and Paulie Connell are on good terms. When a fan brought up Frank's Buzz Lightyear comments via Instagram message, Dolores Catania's new boyfriend just brushed it off and made a joke out of the situation.

"I was kind of sad!! TBH," he wrote in response to user @theholybravo. "Now everyone knows I'm a real superhero." On his Instagram Story, he posted a picture of Mr. Potato Head, insinuating that if he was "Buzz Connell," then Frank must be the cartoon potato.

Seeing that he's a good sport, Connell seems to be a great guy overall, and Dolores appears to be happy with him. In an interview with Page Six, the reality star gushed about her new beau, saying that she's well taken care of by him. "I love everything about Paulie. I love the familiarity that I have with how he reminds me of, like, an old-school guy that I grew up with. And he's so good to me," she said. "I feel very safe with him. I feel very secure. I'm very attracted to him ... and I love his accent." Clearly, Dolo loves her Irish boyfriend to infinity and beyond!


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