La storia d’amore di Kourtney Kardashian con Travis Barker è stata una per i libri. La coppia, nota per i bagagli sul PDA, si è fidanzata nell’ottobre 2021 dopo una vorticosa storia d’amore. I fan hanno potuto vedere le prime fasi della loro relazione in “The Kardashians” su Hulu e, secondo Today, Kardashian ha spiegato come è sbocciata la sua amicizia con Barker. “È stato uno dei miei amici più cari per probabilmente otto anni. Ci allenavamo sempre insieme”, ha detto nello show. “Ci siamo innamorati e ora è il mio ragazzo”. Molto dolce!

According to People, the couple surprised almost everyone when they got married in Las Vegas in the wee hours of the morning on April 4, after they attended the Grammy Awards ceremony. However, the wedding was not officially official because they did not obtain a marriage license for it. However, it seems as though the pair had other plans for their nuptials. Page Six reported that the couple appeared to host a wedding shower in Palm Springs before they wed at a Santa Barbara courthouse. It was a small affair, and according to TMZ, the couple plans to get married (again) in Italy, and friends and family are expected to attend.

But, there is one person who Kardashian insisted on having by her side as she said, "I do." And believe it or not, it wasn't one of her sisters or mom, but rather her grandmother.

Kourtney Kardashian has a 'super special bond' with MJ

Kourtney Kardashian didn't feel the need to have an extensive guest list on one of the most important days of her life. As fans know, Kardashian and Travis Barker wed at a courthouse in Santa Barbara. Guess what? There was only one person who Kardashian really wanted to attend (aside from Barker) — her grandmother, Mary Jo "MJ" Campbell.

A source close to Hollywood Life shared what MJ attending the wedding meant to Kardashian. "Kourtney is Kris's firstborn child, and because of this, she has always had a super special bond with her grandmother MJ," the insider revealed. "Having her by her side as she became Travis's wife was so important to them both, and it was one of the most special moments of their lives." The two apparently "got emotional" at the event. What a special moment that must have been.

The same source mentioned that Kardashian and MJ are "very much alike." Apparently Kardashian couldn't just invite one of her sisters or one of her children, so she kept the guest list to MJ only. According to the outlet, Barker's dad Randy and a few bodyguards were also in attendance. We wonder how Kris Jenner felt about the snub? And what about Kardashian's kids? That same day, Scott Disick posted footage of all three children hanging with him. Regardless, it seems like Kardashian is on Cloud 9. After the wedding, she posted a sweet photo kissing Barker in a vintage car. "Till death do us part," she captioned the shot.


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