Il tempo di Braunwyn Windham in “Real Housewives of Orange County” è stato di breve durata rispetto ad alcuni dei suoi altri membri del cast. Windham si è unito all’iterazione originale di “Housewives” nel 2019, durante la stagione 14, ed è rimasto per due stagioni. Nonostante il suo breve tempo nello show, Windham ha sicuramente lasciato il segno ed è diventata anche la prima “casalinga” in assoluto a dichiararsi lesbica. “Mi piacciono le donne. Sono gay”, ha detto Windham durante un’intervista del 2020 con GLAAD. “Sono un membro della comunità LGBTQ+. Mi ci sono voluti 42 anni per dirlo, ma sono così orgoglioso di dove mi trovo adesso”.

Braunwyn Windham implies her past romantic partners were unstable

Anyone who's ever dated Braunwyn Windham is probably a little miffed right now, given her recent comments. During an interview with Page Six, Windham dished about her dynamic with Jennifer Spinner.  "I think this is my first relationship with someone that's mentally stable," shared Windham. "I've never had that before. And a part of me thought, 'Is that going to be boring?'" Fortunately, Windham has since found out that it's the opposite. "It's not [boring]. It's actually really nice to be with someone that has their life together [and] is mentally stable ... it's a game-changer." That certainly has to sting for her ex-husband Sean Burke, who Windham told Us Weekly was an "enabler" of her alcoholism in 2020.

Windham's recent interview is far from the first time she's sung Spinner's praises. In October, Windham took to Instagram to defend Spinner against unkind social media comments about their relationship and give her followers a greater insight into their bond. "This is Jen @hashtag_blehssed, she's the kindest, most amazing human ever, she dedicated her life to helping others and does the most to take care of the people she loves," wrote Windham. "How I got so lucky is beyond me, her kindness and loving heart make me and anyone around her smile wherever she when some of y'all message her unkind things, it hurts her." Windham also urged her follows to not say anything at all, if they don't have anything nice to say.


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