Lauri Peterson sembra non riuscire a prendersi una pausa, almeno quando si tratta di problemi legati a suo figlio, Josh Waring.

Nel 2016, Waring è stato arrestato con l’accusa di aver sparato a un uomo e di essere fuggito dalla scena a bordo di un SUV rubato. A quel tempo, ha dovuto affrontare quattro accuse, tra cui “batteria, colpi di scena con danni alla proprietà, resistenza all’arresto e ostruzione a un agente, presa illegale di un veicolo ed elusione alla polizia e guida spericolata”, secondo E! Notizia. Otto anni prima, Waring ha avuto problemi legali anche quando è stato arrestato per possesso di eroina, portando Peterson a lasciare “The Real Housewives of Orange County” e concentrarsi sulla sua famiglia. “Sono rimasto traumatizzato dall’arresto di Josh”, ha detto Peterson a The Orange County Register. “Ero completamente emotivamente non disponibile. Piangevo continuamente e non stavo aiutando mio figlio. Per me, avevo davvero bisogno di concentrarmi sul mio benessere emotivo e affrontare le conseguenze dell’arresto”.

It wasn't until 2020 that Waring was released from jail following a plea deal for the 2016 attempted murder case, per People. But now, two years later, he's once again behind bars for drug-related charges.

RHOC alum Lauri Peterson's son Josh Waring had been arrested again

It's been a tough year for Lauri Peterson's son, Josh Waring. In January, CBS News reported that he was arrested without bail for violating the terms of his parole after failing to attend a court hearing in September. It was also reported that, in June 2020, just months after he had pled guilty, he was arrested for possession of fentanyl, and again in May 2021, for possessing various drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Fast forward to June 2022, TMZ reported that Waring is facing a series of criminal charges from his arrest earlier in the year. He's being charged with possession and sale of fentanyl, methamphetamine possession, and misdemeanor based on records obtained by the outlet. Sources also say that he had been arrested on the spot as the police witnessed him trying to hide the drugs.

Peterson has yet to address her son's recent run-ins with the law, but in 2018, she offered him her full support. "Josh gets arrested frequently and ... if he is under the influence of drugs and if he's using drugs at the time, I'm never going to help him out legally," she told Page Six. "However, [adopting Josh's daughter] has been life-altering, it has changed our whole entire lives. My contribution to Josh has always been I will always get you rehabs and do whatever I can do to help you medically beat this addiction and I will raise your daughter."


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