Tom Brady ha regolarmente persone che parlano della sua vita sul campo di calcio, ma è un recente momento fuori dal campo che ha generato un bel ronzio sui social media. Non molto tempo dopo che la star dei Tampa Bay Buccaneers ha annunciato il suo ritiro per la seconda volta (anche se questa volta giura che è per sempre), Brady si è tenuto occupato in altri modi. Oltre a giocare a calcio, Brady ha anche una linea di abbigliamento omonima che vende un’ampia varietà di prodotti, compresi i boxer.

Rob Gronkowski hilariously critiques Tom Brady

Rob Gronkowski has entered the chat! Not too long after Tom Brady wowed fans with his first-ever thirst trap photo, his pal and former teammate has something to say. The star spoke about Brady's spicy photo with Entertainment Tonight, even critiquing the image. "I think everything's right, but his hand is not in the right place. He's covering up a little bit. You're not supposed to be covering up ... you've got to show the package, Tom," Gronkowski joked before reiterating that everything besides his "hand placement" looked good.

The football star then applauded his former teammate for sticking to his word and admitted that he was surprised Brady went for it. "I was like, Tom posing in his underwear doing selfies in the mirror?" Gronkowski asked. "Uncharacteristic of him, that's for sure, but that's what we love about Tom. When he throws a curve ball, it's always for the fun." You gotta love their dynamic.

Brady and Gronk have been close friends for years, playing together first on the New England Patriots, followed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But perhaps their professional careers will cross paths again. In January, Gronk told Sports Illustrated that he and Brady could potentially reunite in the broadcast booth, seeing as they are both retired. "I'm hoping that he comes and joins me very soon. It's a lot of fun. Fox has just great people," Gronkowski said. Well, Brady inked a deal with Fox, so it looks like that dream could become reality.


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