Quando Beyoncé ha pubblicato il suo album “Renaissance” nel luglio 2022, fan e critici sono rimasti a bocca aperta per lo stupore. Dalla magnifica copertina di Beyoncé ai suoi inni di danza inebrianti, “Renaissance” è stato un disco da non perdere. “Break My Soul”, uno dei più grandi successi dell’album, è in cima alla classifica Billboard Hot 100 — il suo primo singolo numero 1 dal 2008, per Entertainment Weekly. Non è stato l’unico riconoscimento di Billboard che ha ottenuto, come ogni la canzone di “Renaissance” è entrata nella lista nello stesso momento! Altre canzoni popolari includono “Cuff It” e “Summer Renaissance”.

Beyoncé will be going on tour

Rise up, BeyHive! Page Six has just confirmed some exciting news about Beyoncé. According to the outlet, the "Break My Soul" singer will be launching a summer 2023 tour for her latest album "Renaissance." One source shared that Beyoncé will be performing in venues internationally. Another insider revealed that fans can anticipate a formal announcement about the tour within the next several weeks. At this time, no statements were made to Page Six by Beyoncé's team.

This'll be Beyoncé's first tour since 2018, when she co-headlined with her husband Jay-Z. At the time, the dynamic duo had released their joint album "Everything Is Love" under the name The Carters. The tour followed a tumultuous time in the two's marriage. Amidst their 2014 tour, rumors began swirling of a potential split. A source told Page Six at the time, "They are trying to figure out a way to split without divorcing ... Jay was out doing Jay and Bey was out doing Bey. They made the classic mistake of thinking a child would change everything and help to rekindle the initial fire, and it didn't."  

Luckily, their relationship stood the test of time, as the Carters are as strong as ever. Now, fans won't have to wait too long for Queen Bey's next epic tour. Knowing Beyoncé, she'll slay.


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