Quando Amanda Seyfried è scivolata nel ruolo di Elizabeth Holmes per la serie limitata di Hulu del 2022, “The Dropout”, si è completamente trasformata nella disgraziata fondatrice di Theranos. Data la sua interpretazione azzeccata e lo sguardo dello show al lato più tenero di Holmes, “The Dropout” è stato elogiato dalla critica, così come la sua protagonista. Come ha osservato The Wrap, “la performance di Seyfried è eccezionale, anche in un campo ricco di altri racconti di vita reale di truffatori di alto profilo”. La sua interpretazione è stata così potente, infatti, che ha vinto all’attore il suo primo Emmy in assoluto come miglior attrice protagonista in una serie limitata o antologica o in un film.

Given such positive reaction to Holmes' story being brought to the small screen, it was no surprise that other streaming giants wanted to get in on the buzz too. Back in December 2021, Hypebeast confirmed that Apple TV+ was planning to shoot its own take on the Silicon Valley drama. Rather than a limited series, though, they were planning a film titled "Bad Blood" which would star Jennifer Lawrence as Holmes. It would also see Adam McKay writing and directing the script based on the 2016 book, "Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup." The project sounded seriously promising, but unfortunately for fans who were hoping to see Lawrence deliver her take on Holmes, they will reportedly no longer get that chance.

The real reason Jennifer Lawrence won't be playing Elizabeth Holmes

It seemed certain that Jennifer Lawrence would be adopting Elizabeth Holmes' signature black turtleneck and low voice but following the success of "The Dropout," the actor has reportedly dropped out of the project. She is said to have made the revelation during a November 2022 interview with the New York Times, telling journalist Kyle Buchanan that she made the decision after watching "The Dropout." Lawrence reportedly decided she would no longer play Holmes because of how well Amanda Seyfried had done her story justice. 

While the confession wasn't included in the final printed interview, Buchanan tweeted that Lawrence told him, "I thought she was terrific. I was like, 'Yeah, we don't need to redo that.' She did it." He also shared how the actor showed up for their interview in a black turtleneck and quipped, "I tried on a hundred outfits for this and ended up just looking like Steve Jobs. Or Amanda Seyfried." Major media outlets jumped on the news but Apple TV+ decided to keep mum, at least for the time being. When People and Deadline reached out to Apple Original Films for comment, they received no response.

As for the real-life Holmes, her legal journey isn't over yet. While she was found guilty of four counts of fraud back in January, she is now trying to get the conviction thrown out and asked for a new trial in October.


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