Siamo onesti: non ci saranno mai altri Sonny e Cher, ma ciò non ha ancora impedito a Cher di immergere i piedi nella piscina degli appuntamenti. Dopo Sonny, la leggendaria cantante è andata avanti con la sua vita romantica con molti altri uomini e non c’è dubbio che la sua vita amorosa sia stata al centro dell’attenzione. Poco dopo il suo divorzio da Sonny Bono, Cher sposò il cantante Gregg Allman nel 1975, e la coppia rimase sposata fino al 1979. Alla fine, il matrimonio finì con il divorzio.

Cher never married again after Allman, but she's dated many other big names like Val Kilmer, Gene Simmons, Tom Cruise, and Bon Jovi member Richie Sambora. In recent years, Cher's romance with Alexander Edwards (also known as Amber Rose's controversial ex) has been a pretty hot topic of conversation, primarily due to their 40-year age gap. In 2022, the "Believe" singer shared a photo of Edwards on Twitter, all but confirming their relationship. Not too long after news of their romance broke, she appeared on "The Kelly Clarkson Show," where she spoke about their love story, and we're not going to lie — it gave us heart-eyes. "On paper, it's kind of ridiculous," she told Clarkson. "But in real life, we get along great. He's fabulous. And I don't give men qualities that they don't deserve."

The couple even reportedly got engaged and things seemed to be pretty serious! However, it turns out that things were not as serious as everyone thought and the romance has ended. 

Cher and Alexander Edwards are dunzo

If she could turn back time, maybe Cher would have never gotten involved with Alexander Edwards. The singer's romance with the much-younger Edwards made plenty of headlines in a short time, but according to TMZ, the couple has parted ways. Sources close to Cher and Edwards share that the couple called things quits a few weeks ago, but at this time, it is not entirely clear who pulled the plug on the relationship and why they decided to end things. It also turns out that Cher and Edwards were never engaged, and when Cher told the outlet they were in January, she was joking. 

Many people have taken to social media to weigh in on the relationship ending, and most people seemed more than okay with it. "Good. Coupling looked ridiculous," one person wrote. "Can't say we all didn't see this coming," another social media user pointed out. "No surprise. It was obvious this wouldn't last. Thought @Cher was a smart woman, but her judgement was completely off," one more said.

As we mentioned before, Cher has not spilled details on what led to the split, but she has been outspoken about past breakups. In a 2018 interview with the Daily Mail, Cher dished on her divorce from Greg Allman. She said, "It was really intense, but it's hard to have a marriage with someone who's doing drugs." So, maybe it's only a matter of time until she breaks her silence on the Edwards split.


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