Megan Fox e Machine Gun Kelly sono il tipo di coppia che non ha paura di dire al mondo quanto si amano, ma secondo quanto riferito la loro relazione in questi giorni è difficile. Fortunatamente, stanno presumibilmente prendendo le misure necessarie per far rivivere la loro storia d’amore.

However, despite the assurance from the source, it still seems like there's trouble in paradise after all. Another insider dished that Fox and Kelly are indeed having problems, but they're actively working together to save their relationship.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly's wedding is still on

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly still hope to make it down the aisle. A source told Us Weekly that while they're facing problems as a couple, the goal of exchanging "I Do's" hasn't changed.

"Megan and MGK haven't set a date yet but they're secretly planning their wedding. They're working on it and also working hard on themselves," they shared with the outlet. "They've worked on their problems and worked really hard to get to the place where they are today. It's still a struggle at times and they tend to have a lot of ups and downs. He is making a lot of effort to be more mature. He's not always easy to deal with. He still has this teenage side to him." Apparently, they're polar opposites when it comes to their social lives, as Kelly is still keen on partying while Fox is a homebody. The insider dished that there was one time when things "got really bad between them," but Kelly worked to turn it all around.

Despite their struggles, it really does look like Fox and Kelly remain head over heels for each other. And while they're not married on paper yet, the rapper has already started calling Fox his wife. Apparently, it's because their relationship is deeper than just boyfriend-girlfriend. "I think when I speak about terminology — it never felt like my girlfriend," he told Entertainment Tonight. "It feels too adolescent for the depth of our relationship." 


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