Da quando Derek e Julianne Hough sono diventati l’iconico duo di sorelle danzanti che sono, “Ballando con le stelle” si è divertito a creare una competizione amichevole per le famiglie di celebrità. Kim Kardashian era un concorrente della settima stagione e sei stagioni dopo, Rob Kardashian si è fatto strada ballando fino al secondo posto nello show. La stagione 21 ha portato una competizione tra i coniugi, poiché Alexa e Carlos PenaVega hanno gareggiato l’uno contro l’altro.

Last season, the ballroom dance competition show decided to pair a real-life couple together. Although fans mentioned the steamy connection between Sharna Burgess and Brian Austin Green made them feel a bit uncomfortable at times, the professional dancer took to Instagram to clap back at the comments. Whether they're competing against each other or competing with each other, the show clearly has a history of inviting family members and significant others to the ballroom, and it seems they're continuing with this friendly competition between family members.

The D'Amelios are heading to the ballroom

Charli D'Amelio has made a name for herself in the social media influencer industry, as she is one of the most followed users on TikTok after a video of her doing the popular "Renegade" dance went viral. As a trained dancer herself, Charli expressed interest in her mother, Heidi D'Amelio, competing on "Dancing With The Stars," mentioning to Entertainment Tonight that Heidi was also a dancer when she was younger. Her father, Marc, suggested they do the show together to which Charli agreed, saying, "I think we could go on together, that would be so cute."

It looks like that dream is coming true for the mother-daughter duo, as Charli and Heidi are reportedly joining Season 21 of "Dancing with the Stars," per TMZ. The mother and daughter will be separate contestants, and they will be competing against each other.

Charli has some experience with ballroom dancing, as she danced with Derek Hough — a six-time "Dancing with the Stars" winner and now a judge for the show — for the ABC special "Step Into...The Movies With Derek and Julianne Hough." The professional dancer even told Hollywood Life in July 2021 that she would be a great addition to the show. From their dancing backgrounds to their popularity, we are sure Charli and her mother will make it far in the competition.


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