Sharon Osbourne attribuisce grande valore alla famiglia, principalmente perché è cresciuta in una famiglia disfunzionale, ha detto a The Guardian nel 2012. Quando ha fondato la sua famiglia con Ozzy Osbourne nel 1983, Sharon voleva creare una realtà diversa. “Spero che i miei figli abbiano più struttura e linee guida di me”, ha detto. “La mia infanzia è stata caotica e in pratica dovevo tirarmi su”. Mentre gli Osbournes hanno accumulato una notevole quantità di controversie nel corso degli anni, non si può negare che siano vicini. E Sharon è al centro della dinamica familiare.

Ozzy Osbourne cried when Kelly Osbourne broke the news

Kelly Osbourne made her big news public on May 12, when she uploaded a photo of the ultrasound to Instagram. "To say that I am happy does not quite cut it," she captioned the post, adding that her pregnancy was the reason she had been quiet in recent months. Obviously, Kelly and her loved ones have known for a while. Kelly, who made her relationship with Slipknot turntablist Sid Wilson public in January, broke the news to her parents in a rather unceremonious way — over the phone, Sharon Osbourne shared on "Talk TV UK" on May 16. "She was away, she was with her guy, and she called us," Sharon said. Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne were immediately ecstatic. "Dad was the first one to cry," Sharon shared. "It's a blessing. It's a real blessing."

The news may have been a surprise to many fans — but not to all. When Jack Osbourne's fiancée publicly announced her pregnancy on Instagram on March 21, Kelly left a comment that caught social media users' eyes. "Outside of you and jack there is no one more excited for this baby and you know why!!!!!!!!" Kelly wrote her future sister-in-law. A few commenters had an interesting theory for Kelly's cryptic message. "She's pregnant too and they'll grow up together?" one guessed. While only Kelly knows what she meant, the timeline suggests she had discovered her own pregnancy around then, so hats off to the attentive fan.


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