Solo pochi mesi dopo aver chiesto il divorzio da Jay Cutler nell’aprile 2020, Kristin Cavallari ha pubblicato su Instagram una foto ora virale di se stessa mentre si coccolava con l’ex fidanzato Stephen Colletti. Nonostante le dilaganti speculazioni dei fan, la riunione di agosto 2020 non ha portato da nessuna parte in modo romantico. Come ha detto Cavallari a Grazia quest’anno, anche se lei e la sua fiamma del liceo hanno ancora “una connessione e battute davvero profonde”, la loro è più una relazione “fratello e sorella” ora.

Although we now know the rest of that story, Colletti and Cavallari have plenty of others. Recently, the ex-couple opened up about one of the most famous moments in "Laguna Beach" history.

Stephen Colletti reflects on Laguna Beach blunder with grace

Millennial babies familiar with "Laguna Beach" definitely remember that Cabo moment between Stephen Colletti and Kristin Cavallari. During a group vacation in the resort hotspot, Colletti witnessed his then-on-and-off girlfriend dancing on tables — and called her a "slut"... on-camera. Yikes! On "Ep. 105: 'What Happens in Cabo' Part 2" of "Back to the Beach With Kristin and Stephen," Colletti finally addressed the infamous incident. Noting that it was not contrived by MTV, Colletti told Cavallari and listeners that he bore full responsibility. "You're seeing a very immature little boy having his emotions boil over and not processing them in the right way, mixed in with a ton of tequila," Colletti confessed. Apologizing directly to Cavallari, Colletti called it "one of the worst moments of my life." 

As for Cavallari, she seemingly has moved past the booze-fueled feud. As she recollected, the outburst was uncharacteristic of Colletti. "Beyond that you never yelled at me, I never saw you yell at anybody," Cavallari recalled. The jewelry and home goods designer also reflected on her handling of the situation, saying, "I'm actually proud of how I reacted to you ... You were in my face yelling at me, calling me a slut, and I was just trying to walk away."

Although this is one of the less fun "Laguna Beach" moments the two have recounted together, Cavallari previously assured Page Six that she was prepared for the "cringe moments — quite a few of them." 


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