I Try Guys stanno cercando di stare al passo con le voci, ma Internet non può smettere di parlare dell’ex membro Ned Fulmer. Di recente, i ragazzi e Fulmer pubblicano dichiarazioni quasi simultanee sullo stato di quest’ultimo con il gruppo. I Try Guys hanno condiviso che Fulmer “non sta più lavorando” con loro a seguito di “un’approfondita revisione interna”. Fulmer, nel frattempo, ha fatto l’ammissione bomba di aver avuto “una relazione di lavoro consensuale” nonostante fosse sposato.

Although the Try Guys' statement clarified Fulmer's current status with the group, long-time fans of the group and those who got caught up in the drama have still been desperate for more news. Now, an hour-long podcast episode has helped us to get some of the closure we needed.

The Try Guys addressed all of our burning Ned Fulmer questions

A record number of viewers tuned in for the latest episode of "The TryPod" — a cleverly named podcast offshoot of The Try Guys channel. Two of the three remaining Try Guys, Keith Habersberger and Zach Kornfeld, sat down with producer Miles Bonsignore to welcome the influx of curious listeners to the show. "Welcome to the TryPod to all of our normal listeners and no new people whatsoever," Kornfeld quipped.

The guys discussed their feelings about the betrayal and how they've been coping with the change to the company. At the end of the episode, Bonsignore led Kornfeld and Haberberger through a series of rapid fire questions and misconceptions. "If this hadn't gone public, was there a world when Ned came back and was a cast member?" he asked. The question spoke to many Twitter users' confusion over how Fulmer's personal decisions impacted his job status.

Both men quickly said no. "What happened ... it betrayed our trust," Habersberger explained. Kornfeld went on to point out that it "was a workplace violation." As an executive producer of the Try Guys channel, any employee that Fulmer entered into a relationship with would be his subordinate, regardless of his classification of the relationship as "consensual." In other words, Fulmer is gone for good.


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