Netflix ha raggiunto l’oro nel marzo 2020 grazie a “Tiger King”. Secondo la piattaforma di streaming (tramite Complex), 64 milioni si sono sintonizzati per guardare la serie di docu durante il suo primo mese di uscita. La colorata vita amorosa di Joe Exotic, le triglie sbiancate, i fantastici video musicali e la folle faida con Carole Baskin hanno aiutato molte anime sole durante i primi giorni del blocco del COVID-19. “Tiger King 2” ha tenuto gli spettatori inchiodati e uno spin-off di “Tiger King” la serie è seguita rapidamente. Per assicurarsi che Netflix abbia munto la vacca da mungere, hanno anche pubblicato “Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story”.

Then there was Doc Antle, with his weird cult-like compound life, multiple young "wives," outlandish claims, and dubious dealings. Netflix's special documentary exposed the self-professed spiritual guru for the charlatan he was, with numerous claims of abuse, assault, and animal cruelty. Given his slippery shenanigans, it's little surprise that Doc Antle just received some bad legal news to add to his already burgeoning woes.

Tiger King star Doc Antle is facing serious time behind bars

It was always just a matter of time before the feds came knocking at Doc Antle's door. Netflix's "Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story" opened a Pandora's box of disturbing incidents, lies, manipulations, and allegations involving the teen girl aficionado and big cat collector. According to reports, that time has now come. Avery G. Wilks from The Post and Courier shared the news on social.

"Myrtle Beach Safari owner [Doc Antle] has just been indicted on money laundering and wildlife trafficking charges by a federal grand jury in Florence, S.C.," Wilks tweeted. "The animals involved included lemurs, cheetahs & a chimpanzee. The charges carry 20 years in prison." The investigative reporter shared that the U.S. Attorney's Office accused Antle and a buddy of laundering $500,000 of dirty cash. They allege the money came from coyotes smuggling illegal immigrants over the Mexican border into the U.S.

It's not Antle's first time at the FBI rodeo. Per Forbes, the former magician-turned-Bhagavan deity was busted back in 2020 for allegedly trafficking lion cubs across state borders. Antle was booked on two felony counts of wildlife trafficking and 13 misdemeanor counts of "conspiracy to violate the Endangered Species Act and animal cruelty charges." To date, the United States Department of Agriculture has charged Antle with 35 violations for cruelty to animals. He's currently locked up in South Carolina's J. Reuben Long Detention Center, awaiting court proceedings. Antle maintains his innocence on all charges.


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